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Razorcake –
“Screamy, noisy old school punk. If I were a better English major, I would write a very long explanation comparing the band to the proto-absurdist play of their namesake. Instead, I’ll just say, Yeah, this is pretty good. Another!”

The Stranger –
“Wrench on, dudes.”

– – – – –

Ubu Roi burst onto the Seattle rock scene in 2013 with the Nice Dude EP (Help Yourself Records), an unruly 7″ release that manages to cram endless riffage into a sub-11-minute runtime. The songs on the EP range from a loving ode to the band’s four-eyed drummer (“Fuck Colin”) to a party rock anthem (“Cheezburger”) about eating too much and drinking too little. Ubu Roi combine the tape hiss and and raw energy of punk rock with a sincere respect for “guitarmonies” and the great metal forefathers of our time. The final product lands somewhere between Nation of Ulysses and Thin Lizzy. Oh yeah, and all hail Sabbath.

Since the release of Nice Dude, Ubu Roi have continued to melt faces up and down the west coast, playing with White Fang, The Shrine, Nobunny, and countless other rippers. The band released a single in 2014, “Monster Song”, accompanied by a music video that introduced the world to one of the most villainous characters in cinematic history; The Monster, a bloodthirsty lead-guitarist who uses a skateboard and a Flying V guitar to murder his bandmates.

These days, the four friends who make up Ubu Roi can be found in a damp Seattle practice space, riding the interstellar vessel of rock music to discover new and unexplored regions of the cosmos. The names of these brave explorers: Matt (vocals, guitar), Chase (vocals, guitar), Sam (bass), and Colin (drums).

Ubu Roi’s first LP is expected out sometime in 2016. .