In case you don’t have eyes or ears or a wifi connection, we’ll get you up to speed: for the past few months, the known modern world has been taken over by Chastity Belt and their incredible nation-spanning tour with our buds Pony Time. A great many publications/websites/blogs went out of their way to hype the band (for which we are very grateful). Most (all) of these reviews were generous in mentioning how the band is made up of WOMEN LADIES OVARIES who play MUSIC BOXES or something, and we just wanted to say COOL THANX U GO GIRLZ ROCK. Here’s a partially comprehensive rundown of a lot of the great stuff said about our resident babes Chastity Belt, and their album and tour in general:

MTV Hive

SSG Music

Brooklyn Vegan

Speak Into My Good Eye

Secret Note

The South End

Two Hands Clapping

Seattle Weekly

Knox Road

The Evan ‘Funk’ Davies Show

Whitman Pioneer

(but actually thanks for writing about the artists we work with, it’s great // you’re great // music is great)