UPDATE (4/10): The release of Sick Sad World’s debut has been delayed until May 12. Sorry for the longer wait!

Today, we are stoked to announce the latest addition to the Help Yourself Records family: Sick Sad World!

You can pre-order Sick Sad World’s debut album Fear and Lies over on our fancy e-store ($$CLICK HERE$$).

“Skateboarding Girl” is the first track and lead single off the record, and is streaming/download-able on Soundcloud right now.

Sick Sad World is the new project of Seattle by way of Olympia skateboarder and pop clairvoyant Jake Jones, formerly of the bands Malaikat Dan Singa and Christmas, who on his debut Fear and Lies has churned out 11 guitar pop gems ready to be included on the classic hits playlists of the future. 

Fear and Lies comes out 4/21/2015

Sick Sad World - Fear and Lies