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“Wearing an unabashed love for slippery 70s shred-fests like a button or badge displayed proudly on their sleeves, jean jackets & vests; Advertisement brings the world a bastion of bright & creative chords that shines a light on what guitar-geared pop music still means in the current era of 2018.”

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Advertisement is a collection of borrowed relics; 70’s pragmatic storytelling descended upon worn rock spiritual tradition, triple-guitar work less obsessive and more blunt, cool, real. Wild horses run free in Candy’s room. The honest outgrowth of embedded tradition which says fuck tradition; be here now. Put your foot in it. Jesus could have been a rock star for all intensive purposes. Or so they believe. It is rock music in the modern, a passed down song in the time of the death of all authorship. 

Born from an extended residency in Seattle’s freak-punk underground, Advertisement shares members with a range of noted Northwest acts, including Iron Lung Records affiliated groups Vacant Life and Nasti as well as PopWig’s alt gem Big Bite. Beyond perhaps shared ethical conviction, however, they offer a departure from the devotional mythology of the sounds of hardcore. Advertisement is a rediscovery of shared songcraft, of the voice in and against time which perhaps knows of krautrock, of its noise forbears, but which sings The Stones and country hymnals. Not so much cosmic, but present. 

The songs assembled on This Is Advertisement are the product of several brief, prolific periods of writing over the span of almost 2 years. They develop a collective consciousness in old-rock rhythm, the wandering headspace of warm melodies and dancing guitar lines which are neither honest nor self-aware, or are perhaps actually both. They turn on themselves, imagining scenes in limbo; the true listener won’t tell if it’s an innate pull to drop everything, to drink red wine out the bottle in some far off desert of Eastern Washington, or if that’s just the funny way which cities smash and render something ridiculous and erotic we call modern life. On This Is AdvertisementAdvertisement encourages the listener to relax their worn guards, to hear the pulse of music as collected, passed down tradition.