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UPDATE (4/10): The release of Sick Sad World’s debut has been delayed until May 12. Sorry for the longer wait!

Today, we are stoked to announce the latest addition to the Help Yourself Records family: Sick Sad World!

You can pre-order Sick Sad World’s debut album Fear and Lies over on our fancy e-store ($$CLICK HERE$$).

“Skateboarding Girl” is the first track and lead single off the record, and is streaming/download-able on Soundcloud right now.

Sick Sad World is the new project of Seattle by way of Olympia skateboarder and pop clairvoyant Jake Jones, formerly of the bands Malaikat Dan Singa and Christmas, who on his debut Fear and Lies has churned out 11 guitar pop gems ready to be included on the classic hits playlists of the future. 

Fear and Lies comes out 4/21/2015

Sick Sad World - Fear and Lies

On March 24, our cross-town buds over at Hardly Art will be releasing Chastity Belt’s much anticipated sophomore LP, Time to Go Home. Chastity Belt shared the first single from the release earlier this month, the eponymous post-party anthem “Time to Go Home” (embed below). This album is going to be straight fire.

You can pre-order Time to Go Home from Hardly Art over HERE.

Chastity Belt’s debut LP No Regerts is available in our webstore, HERE, on limited edition gold vinyl.

Now that Dude York’s ‘Cannibal’ video is out, we can show you a little behind-the-scenes action of the video-making process. Take a peek at the pix, and maybe next time you too can be lucky enough to hang out in a living room with a bunch of people you kind of know for a cool internet video! Check out the full vid here.






Hey everybody! Dude York’s new video for ‘Cannibal’ (off their latest album ‘Dehumanize’) just hit the internet, and it is GREAT. If you like bong water, urban palms, and peeing, you’ll be real into it. Check out the vid debut on Rolling Stone, and let us know what you think!

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 8.16.08 PM


Tomorrow night at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard: Wimps are playing first, then Acapulco Lips, and Mikal Cronin. Dude York is hosting, no one knows why. It’s one of those Red Bull Sound Select shows, so be sure to RSVP here and then you just need to show up with three bones, and you’re in. Please come, we want to hang out with you.

8pm doors // $3 // 21+ // Facebook event here

Do you have a huge crush on Peter, Claire, and Andrew from Dude York? Well, good news, you’re just like everybody else. There’s been a huge praise wave coursing through internet space rife with love for Dude York’s new album Dehumanize, which hasn’t even been released yet. Check the links below for reviews from people we don’t pay to like us, and keep your pretty ears peeled for the Dehumanize pre-order window this week (or be an average human and order it on the 28th when it actually comes out).

City Arts Magazine

The Stranger

Impose Magazine

MTV Hive

Thanks for the love, everybody!

Whether or not you’ve ordered Childbirth’s new tape ‘It’s A Girl!’ you should most definitely show up to Chop Suey this Tuesday night at 8pm with some clothes on to watch them tear through their set. Line-up consists of all our favorite local buds: Halfbreed –> So Pitted –> NighTraiN –> Childbirth

8pm doors // $5 // 21+ (no bbz)

For more dulcet tones, check out the Help Yourself Soundcloud, and order the tape here!

For more event info, goooo here!

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 10.09.17 PM


In case you don’t have eyes or ears or a wifi connection, we’ll get you up to speed: for the past few months, the known modern world has been taken over by Chastity Belt and their incredible nation-spanning tour with our buds Pony Time. A great many publications/websites/blogs went out of their way to hype the band (for which we are very grateful). Most (all) of these reviews were generous in mentioning how the band is made up of WOMEN LADIES OVARIES who play MUSIC BOXES or something, and we just wanted to say COOL THANX U GO GIRLZ ROCK. Here’s a partially comprehensive rundown of a lot of the great stuff said about our resident babes Chastity Belt, and their album and tour in general:

MTV Hive

SSG Music

Brooklyn Vegan

Speak Into My Good Eye

Secret Note

The South End

Two Hands Clapping

Seattle Weekly

Knox Road

The Evan ‘Funk’ Davies Show

Whitman Pioneer

(but actually thanks for writing about the artists we work with, it’s great // you’re great // music is great)

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