Flying Fish Cove - At Moonset (Vinyl)


Flying Fish Cove is a painted dream of poetic indie pop from Seattle, WA. A band that invokes the spirits of Heavenly, Teenage Fanclub, and The Pastels. The fierce interiority, magical escapism, and mythical imaginaria that define singer-songwriter Dena Zilber's intricate and intuitive visual style reveal themselves in the band's transcendent patchwork of jangling ballads. Dena's poignant vocals and propulsive rhythm guitar are accompanied by lead guitarist Jake Jones (Sick Sad World), bassist Sean Canfield, and drummer Jacob Jaffe.

Friends from near and far contribute voices to this polymorphous record including Greta Kline (of Frankie Cosmos),  Jade Tcimpidis (of iji), and Lydia Brambila (singer-songwriter from Athens, GA).

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Available on:
Electric blue vinyl (First 100 mail orders)
Black vinyl 

1. Johnny Paper
2. Sleight of Hand
3. Blow a Candle
4. Manticore
5. Bob & Sylvie
6. Cammy the Camry
7. Dangerous Words
8. Pony Bracelet 
9. Home Sweet Home
10. Lunar Tropical

11. So Slowly
12. Belladonna

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