Vomitface - Hooray for Me (Vinyl)

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Vomitface's debut LP Hooray for Me is now available. Records will ship via USPS and will include a download code in the sleeve. 

Available on:
Clear vinyl (limited to 500)
Digital (all major outlets on 8/26)


Jared Micah (vocals/guitar) and Preetma Singh (drums) found themselves trapped in their Jersey City, NJ, home during Hurricane Sandy. Drawing inspiration from their depressing surroundings and a shelf full of equally depressing records - Slint, Shellac, and Babes in Toyland, to name a few - Micah and Singh decided they had nothing better to do than to write loud songs. Those songs eventually became a band that they decided to call Vomitface, despite several industry professionals subsequently telling them that was a bad idea.

Last year, Vomitface headed into the studio with bass player Angela Phillips and engineer Steve Albini to record their debut full-length, Hooray for Me. Recorded in two days in mostly single takes, Vomitface left the studio with an album that finally encompassed the raw and unhinged energy the band had been striving for all along. After the session, Albini even went so far as to tell the band that the songs "sounded fine."

Stream the record before you buy: 

Release Date: August 26, 2016

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