Chastity Belt - No Regerts (Vinyl, Cassette)

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Chastity Belt's debut LP No Regerts is back in-stock! 

Record includes a download code. Available on vinyl and cassette (select format at checkout). 

Currently available on:
Black vinyl 

Previously available on:
Aqua blue vinyl (Limited to 200, Sold Out)
"Indie Gold" vinyl (Limited to 200, Sold Out)
Pink vinyl (Limited to 250, Sold Out)

1. Black Sail 
2. Seattle Party 
3. James Dean
4. Healthy Punk
5. Nip Slip
6. Full
7. Happiness
8. Giant Vagina 
9. Pussy Weed Beer 
10. Evil

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Sold Out

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