The Berries - Start All Over Again (Vinyl)

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Co-Release with Run For Cover Records

Start All Over Againthe debut album by Seattle's The Berries - is a study of the mythology of freedom. It is a modern country-rock record by Matt Berry (Big Bite, Happy Diving), under his pseudonym The Berries. Start All Over Again made up of songs of love and hate, songs under the spell of Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt, and songs carved out of the disappointment of a morose Seattle winter.

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White vinyl (First 200 mail orders)
Black vinyl

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1. Salvation
2. Security Blues 
3. Waitin' Around for You
4. Turn It Away
5. Junkyard Dog
6. Lonely Gods
7. Need You By My Side
8. Chains of Hate
9. Live to Please
10. Kingdom

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